Hello, I am Kassandra Missipo and I am a football player at KAA Gent and the Red Flames.

What motivated me to support this project is the big challenge that goes with it. Covering together two billion kilometers in a year to express our support to refugees, that is no small feat. Anyway, challenge accepted!

I cover my kilometers by running regularly, going from 5 to 10km. When I play football games I usually cover even more kilometers because I am someone who always needs to move. In really physical games this can go up to 12km. I then register my miles manually via www.stepwithrefugees.be. After three clicks, I simply registered my steps and contributed my bit.

Let's help refugees instead of looking away from the problem. Whether you are going to the store by bike, taking a walk, getting to the mall, going on a bike ride, doing a morning run ... If you want to give your kilometers a meaning , register them via www.stepwithrefugees.be. Remember: "Every mile will be worth your while." Every step you take puts this project a huge step further.

Add your kilometres to the global total