They did not choose to leave their country

But we can choose to help them survive and rebuild ! Never since the Second World War have so many displaced people in the world been forced to flee their homes. To find security, they cross borders or go into exile in other regions. Their vulnerability, both physically and psychologically, requires immediate care. Homeless, exhausted and destitute, they are at the mercy of hunger, cold and disease ...


In this difficult times, our goal is to protect as many lives as possible. The usefulness of your donation here takes on its full value. It allows us to have financial means to meet the basic needs of the most vulnerable people (women, children, the elderly and disabled ...) and to cope with humanitarian emergencies.


Our assistance ranges from emergency shelter to the settlement of refugees in their host country until they return to their country of origin. UNHCR has the necessary expertise and field experience to respond to large-scale crises and protect the rights of these people on a daily basis.

- We bring vital help

- We open the way to school

- We defend fundamental rights

- We use advocacy

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